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One Destination That You Will “NEVER” Visit Again

Daniel Riley March 27th, 2024 1,382 views

Running at the airport
Running at the Airport. Picture Credit: Canva
Have you ever travelled to a place that left you with such a negative impression that you vowed never to return? It's a rare sentiment for passionate travellers, but it does happen. We recently conducted a poll on our Facebook page, asking our followers to share destinations they would never visit again. The results were quite revealing, shedding light on places that failed to meet travellers' expectations. Let's delve into the data and explore the top contenders from our community.

The Results

According to our Facebook poll, Tunisia takes the top spot with 15.5% of respondents expressing their reluctance to revisit. Egypt follows closely behind at 8%, while Turkey and Bulgaria rank third and fourth with 7.6% and 5.9% respectively. These destinations seem to have left a significant number of jet-setters with negative experiences, prompting them to cross these countries off their future travel itineraries.

The Lesser Offenders

In addition to the top contenders, several destinations received less than 2% of the votes individually, but still enough to be noteworthy. These include Benidorm, Morocco, Salou, Lanzarote, Cape Verde, Cuba, Tenerife, and Blackpool. While each of these places may not have garnered as much attention in our poll, it's worth noting that they still contributed to the overall sentiment of dissatisfaction among travellers.

Common Themes

Upon analysing the data, certain patterns emerge. Many of the destinations mentioned are popular tourist spots known for their beaches, historical sites, or distinct culture. However, it appears that issues such as overcrowding, poor infrastructure, high expectations, safety concerns, or an all-round lacklustre experience may have soured travellers' perceptions and experiences of these places. 

Reflection and Consideration

As we reflect on these findings, it's essential to acknowledge that personal experiences can vary widely. It goes without saying that what may have been a disappointing trip for one traveller could be an unforgettable adventure for another. Nonetheless, it's still wothwhile to take into account the collective feedback from fellow travellers when planning your next adventure.


Travelling is a deeply personal experience, and the destinations we choose to visit often reflect our interests, preferences, and aspirations. While some places may hold a special allure for one visitor, they may fall short for another. As you contemplate your future travel plans, consider the insights shared by fellow holidaymakers  in our poll. Are these results right for you? Are there any destinations you agree or disagree with? Ultimately, the decision rests in your hands as you embark on your next journey.

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