Where to Holiday in April

We've had the snowdrops and the crocuses, the daffodils are here and the tulips are about to make an appearance, the clocks have leapt forward and the days are longer. Spring is here but it can still be cold and wet. If winter appears to have gone on forever, perhaps now is a good time to take a holiday. The temperatures in Southern Europe are on the rise and they lie pleasantly in the low twenties. This is not quite high enough for a beach holiday, for that you need to go further afield. April holidays have low season tariffs so you can always find great bargains. For several hours of daily sunshine head for the Costa del Sol or Southern Italy, the southern Greek islands or the Turkish Riviera, Cyprus or North Africa, Madeira or the Canary Islands. You have a wide choice of short haul destinations. April is a time when the earth springs into life with magnificent displays of flowers, wild as well as cultivated. Madeira is renowned for its stunning flora and is never better than in springtime. Walking in the levadas at this time is a very rewarding experience. Once you have decided on your destination, we can help you find the April holiday that offers the best value for money. Cheekytrip is a holiday price comparison site that has almost three dozen holiday companies, including some of the market leaders, all competing for your booking. Simply enter your point of departure, your destination and dates into our search engine and within a few seconds we'll find you the lowest price bargain of the day. All you need do is make a phone call and book your trip.

Compare Holiday Deals in April

If you are looking for an early beach holiday, to be sure of hot sunshine you'll need to travel beyond Europe. Sharm el Sheikh or the United Arab Emirates, Gambia or the Cape Verde Islands lie somewhere between short and long haul and offer long hours of hot sunshine. If you are happy to fly long haul, you greatly increase your choice of destination. Choose from Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, Africa, Goa, Thailand or the Far East. Mauritius and the Maldives are perfect spots in April for a relaxing beach holiday. To find the April sun holiday that offers the best value for money do check our site.

April is the last month for taking a ski holiday. In low altitude resorts the season is almost over, but you can find some great end of season bargain ski holidays in high altitude resorts which still have good snow cover. Check the snow reports before using our site to find the best April ski deal.

April is a great time to book a city break. Cities are at their best when spring flowers are blooming and trees and bushes begin to blossom. The summer heat in cities can be tiring and oppressive so early in the season is the best time for sightseeing. It's also a time of fewer visitors so good hotel rates and cheap flights are readily available. If you enjoy displays of spring flowers, the delightful city of Amsterdam with its multicoloured tulips would be a good choice. Any of Europe's capitals and principle towns look their best in bright April sunshine but of course you need to be prepared for the occasional shower. Once you have chosen the destination of your city break, be sure to use Cheekytrip search engine to find you the bargain of the day.