Where to Holiday in October

Somewhere Hot in October

October is a popular month for taking a break and there are some great holiday bargains available if you can avoid the school half term. If you are looking for heat, the sun is still shining in southern Europe. The Costa del Sol, Malta, Cyprus, the Greek Islands and Aegean resorts in Turkey are all hot enough for a beach holiday without being burnt to a crisp. For those who find the intense heat of summer too much, an October holiday provides ideal conditions and the added bonus is the cost. October, apart from half term, is very much low season so you can enjoy your vacation at a fraction of the high season tariff. North Africa also has very comfortable temperatures, perfect if you want to do a lot of sightseeing or go desert or mountain trekking. October temperatures in Europe are ideal for any activity holiday and many ramblers, cyclists and golfers choose this month for their chosen sport.

Alternative Holidays in October

October is also a good time to take a cruise. River cruises can of course be taken at any time of year but for sea-going cruises, it is best to take them before there is any hint of winter storms. The sightseeing in cities on route is also more pleasant when the weather is agreeable.

If your summer holiday was taken early in the season, you may be ready for an escape from the daily grind. If you are running short of annual leave, a city break may be the answer and at this time of year your choice of destination is enormous. There are so many beautiful and interesting cities in Europe alone, so your decision can only be based on personal preferences. Cost may however be a deciding factor so why not check Cheekytrip's offers of the day. Since more than three dozen travel companies are competing for your booking, you'll find some truly amazing city break bargains.

Take an October trip to the US to see the brilliant colours of a New England fall; to experience Florida and Disney with fewer crowds; to shop in New York; to try your hand with Lady Luck in Las Vegas; to marvel at spectacular landscapes such as the Grand Canyon. There is so much to see and do that once again, your destination depends on your interests.

If you are looking for a romantic hideaway or a honeymoon venue, the idyllic islands of the Seychelles or Mauritius may fit the bill.

Wherever you choose to holiday in October, you'll find some excellent deals. You can avoid the hassle of trawling through sites looking for low cost holidays by using our simple search engine. Put in your point of departure, your dates and destination and in a matter of seconds, we'll find you the vacation that offers the best value for money. Since offers change daily, to avoid disappointment, book today.