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Not a whole lot of people have heard of Estonia, let alone consider it a holiday destination that they might enjoy. If you have already heard of it, then I’m afraid that we are about to reveal to the rest of the world about your hidden European gem. Sorry about that.

Estonia City Breaks

Estonia sits in the north of Europe and borders with the Baltic Sea. Based on its geography, you might have guessed that this country can be pretty chilly for most of the year. Don’t let that put you off though, because this results in some lovely forest walks, views for miles over semi-frozen lakes and the chance to see wildlife seldom found in other parts of Europe such as wolves, red deer, eagles and flying squirrels to name just a few.

As is the case in most countries, the place that we would recommend visiting the most is the capital city of Tallinn. The main city square is a very popular site, surrounded by old buildings, festive markets and a very charming and enchanted sort of atmosphere. To get around the city and dive a little deeper into the country’s rich history, a sightseeing tour bus is recommended. From there you can establish your favourite places, such as the vast Stroomi beach for example, and then spend more of your time there.

There are also many lesser-known activities to take part in when you visit Tallinn if you so choose. One of those is a visit to Linnahall, a 5000 seat amphitheatre which has now been left abandoned and ripe for exploring since the Moscow Olympics in 1980. Or if you are into spooky stuff, you can stay at a guest house that local legend was once occupied by the devil himself for one night only. Whether you believe in that sort of stuff or not, it certainly is fascinating!